Futuropa, the organization that promotes Costa Rica as a tourist destination in Europe organizes on 24 February 2011 the event: ‘One day with the European Market and the European Travel Market’. This will take place at Hotel Aurola Holiday Inn, salón Augusto El Grande,  17 th floor. Registrations will be accepted till 18th of February at telnumber:2291-4542

The beautifully designed second edition of ‘reisflow’, a virtual travelmagazine of Dutch touroperator SNP, gives special atention on traveling with kids through CostaRica.

Domestic tour operator Nature Air opens new route from San José/Liberia (Costa Rica) to Managua (Nicaragua).

The Dutch television program ‘Wie is de Mol’ crosses Central America and the adventures are to been seen at the following link.

On 8 February 1986, exactly 25 years ago, the pioneer organization Asociación Conservacionista Monteverde (Monteverde Conservancy Asociation) was founded. It has played a pioneering role in the protection of the Cloud Forests of Monteverde. Visit their site. Congratulations!

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