Twelve steps

Twelve steps of how to behave as a responsible traveler:Responsible Tourism in Costa Rica

  1. Be informed about your destiny before you leave; about the caracteristics of the country, geography, culture and values to arrive open minded, tolerant, respectful and ready to learn to be able to enrich your own culture.
  2. Appraise the authentic experiences and avoid to try to change the other people, only for your own satisfaction.
  3. Respect the privacy and dignity of other people.F.I ask permission before you take a picture or enter to their private property.
  4. Cooperate with the protection and conservation of the enviroment, dispose in the right way and try to save the natural resources.
  5. Pay attention to the teachings and recommendations of your local guide and host.
  6. Avoid to disturb, abuse and extract the wild life. This also means not to feed the animals or take pictures with flash.
  7. Make sure you buy products knowing the source of the raw materials and that the production is enviroment friendly and follows the principles of fair trade.
  8. Hire services or buy products with ecological and social responsability or just go directly to local stores and make sure communities and local people gets the profits of your visit.
  9. Do not promote the sale or buy of lands of the community you visit.
  10. Refuse and dennounce child prostitution and vices related to this issue.
  11. Try to relate your trip with the efforts of nature conservation, cultural protection and rescue efforts make by local people and organizations.
  12. As form of solidarity with the country you visit, transmit all your experiences and learnings from your interaction with local people.
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