Dear Cristina,

some weeks have already passed since we came back from our fantastic trip to Costa Rica and I was planning to get in touch with you earlier, but I did not have the right e-mail address, but now…

I actually just want to say MUCHAS GRACIAS for your great organization and support when we were in Costa Rica. We are back in our every day working life in Germany – but still full of memories of a wonderful country!!

Daniela Keite has already e-mailed because of the refund of the money for the GPS, thank you for letting her know. For your documents you find attached the confirmation of Alamo about the return of the GPS in La Fortuna – maybe this is of use for you.

Thank you also for the change of the pick up to the airport early in the morning, the driver was perfectly on time.

I do not know if you or erlebe Costa Rica chose the hotels we were staying at – but we wanted to let you know that we were very happy with the selection, the places were very special in a very positive way, we felt these were chosen very carefully.

So thank you very much for everything!

Many greetings from Germany,

Andrea & Florian

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